Target groups and congress audiences 


Target Groups and Audiences of the Congress:

 •Professors, thinkers, managers, collegians of all branches of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism. Universities, research centers and all educational institutes

 •All institutions and policy maker organs in affairs of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism.

 •Ministries, organizations, committees and active organizations in this field

 •Of forests, rangeland and watershed management organizations and affiliated countries

 •Deputy Governor of strategic planning and monitoring across the country

 •Agriculture and Natural Resources Engineering Organization and subsidiary organizations

 •Trade associations and governmental organizations in the areas of agriculture, natural resources, environment, tourism, sustainable development

 •All companies on projects related to agriculture, environment and tourism

 •All organizations, agencies, institutions and organizations in agricultural policy, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism

 •Companies and engineering offices, contractors, and employers mass

 •Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Regional Water Companies


Important Dates




1st & 2nd & 3rd Cong Gallery