Congress Topics:   

   1.Agriculture and Sustainable Development
- Research, management, economy, promote agricultural education
- New technologies, mechanization and agricultural machinery mechanics
- Biosecurity, genetic engineering, organic farming
- Biological Sciences (Plant / animal)
- Fruits of temperate regions
- Meteorological and agricultural biotechnology, geographic information systems (GIS)
- New issues in sustainable agriculture and pest killers
- Detect and combat weeds, pests and plant diseases
- Economics, marketing, banking and agricultural insurance system and its role in sustainable development
- Agriculture and breeding to improve the quantity and quality of herbal preparations
- Tiny pollens and its effects on agriculture
- Rural promoting and develop in agriculture
- Role of the promotion inecotourism, health and food security policy
- The role of organizations and cooperatives in agriculture
- The role of natural resources and environment in sustainable agriculture
- Role of IT in Agriculture and Sustainable Development


2.Watershed and Soil and Water Resources Management
- Watershed and rain water harvesting assessment plans
- Operational management of soil and water resources, irrigation and drainage
- Application of new technologies in Watershed Science and Management of Water Resources
- New topics and application of nanotechnology in water and soil science
- Role of Watershed Management and Water Resources Management in Sustainable Development
- Nutrition agricultural soils, water, soil and plant relationship
- Methods of fertilizer use in the soil
- Hydrology, geology and climatology
- Reforming of saline, alkaline and acid soils
- Flood spreading, land preparation, conserving of water in the branches


3.soil fertility and biotechnology management
- application of fertilizers and different organic materialsin soil
- methods of fertilizer application in soil
- biodiversity and symbiosis in soil and rhizosphere
- soil chemistry and pollution and application of new technologies for remediation of polluted sail

- management and reclamation of saline and sodic soils


4.Natural resources and sustainable development
- Modern Topics in Natural Resources
- Climate change and environmental pollutants
- Using new technologies in natural resources
- Refining methods in natural resource
- Tiny pollens and methods of coping with them in natural resources


5.Food Sciences
- New Topics in Food Science
- Food science, food safety and processing industries
- Infectious diseases caused by food
- Food hygiene and food poisoning
- Food processing plant, dairy products and meat food
- Food Microbiology


6.Genetic engineering and plant breeding
- Transgenic Crops
- Genebanks and genetic resources
- Agriculture and plant breeding
- New methods in plant breeding
- Biotechnology, tissue culture


7.Managment, promote and economics in agriculture
- Food, dairy and greenhouse products
- Policy in production sector and employment
- Reviewing issues related to the fertilizer industry and environmental hazards
- Barriers to productivity and employment in the agricultural sector
- Domestic jobs, entrepreneurship and investment in agriculture
- Forms of support in agriculture sector, management of cooperatives


8.Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
- Application of new technologies in fisheries and aquatic sciences
- The role of aquaculture in Sustainable Development
- Proliferation of aquatic education
- Health and Diseases of Aquatic
- Hunting and exploitation


9.Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine
- Application of new technologies in animal science and animal science role in Sustainable Development
- Nutrition livestock and poultry, ruminant livestock and biological threats
- Schematization and management of urban appearance
- Management and education, health, safety and animal and poultry diseases
- The complex role of livestock in agriculture Sustainable Development
- Innovative and sustainable approach to animal husbandry and veterinary
- Physiology, genetics and breeding livestock and poultry
- The role of reproductive techniques in livestock production
- Veterinarian (microbiology, pathology, immunology)
- biotechnology in the selection of candidate genes, genomics and breeding
- The application of laboratory procedures in biotechnology of animal reproduction
- Status of Biotechnology in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases of livestock and poultry


10.Plant Production and Horticultural Sciences
- Culture, industry and Herbal Products
- Greenhouse cultivation and horticulture plant nutrition
- Postharvest storage life of horticultural products
- Biotic and abiotic stresses in the garden
- Application of Biotechnology in Horticulture Biotechnology and Postharvest
- Botanical and Herbal Gardening
- New methods for increasing performance and increased performance garden plants gardening
- Hydroponics, vegetable, herbal medicine in Gardening
- Gardening and cultivation patterns in post-harvest operations
- Management of gardens, parks and multiply seed and plant breeding
- Greenhouses Structures, fertilizers and food in gardening
- Nanotechnology applications in breeding garden plants and gardening
- Weed management, disease management and pest management in garden crops
- Application of new technologies in plant science and plant science role in Sustainable Development


11.Nanotechnology in agriculture
- Roles of nanoparticles in Agriculture, preparing and synthesis nanoparticles from plants
- The use of nanoparticles in Plant and Herbal
- Nano role of fertilizers in increasing crop yield
- The role of nano-composites and nano in Agriculture
- Nano-sensors and nano-biotechnology in agriculture
- The role of nanotechnology in enhancing the performance and quality plants and garden
- The application of nanotechnology in the food industry, animal science, environment and natural resources


12.Agriculture Sciences
- Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture
- Applications of nanotechnology and biotechnology applications in agriculture science
- Principles of increasing the performance of new issues in agriculture and crops
- Biological and non-biological stresses in Agriculture
- Agriculture molecular modeling of Agriculture, Agricultural Terrorism
- Methods and procedures to increase the yield of crops in arable crops
- Physiological function in plants, the introduction of ideal plant type in Agriculture


13.Forest and Range Science
- The causes of destruction of forests and grasslands
- New methods and approaches to sustainable management of forests
- Forest, Forest dwellers, exploitation and transportation
- Forest engineering, forest structure and sequence
- Policy, planning and management of forest resources
- Application of new technologies in forest and rangeland
- Forestry and forest management, non-timber forest products
- The role of forests in sustainable development and environmental impact assessment of development forests
- Silviculture, forest ecology
- Economy, ecotourism, forestry tourism and social issues
- Analysis and evaluation methods and Vegetation Survey
- Correction, restoration and development of pastures, rangeland ecology and quantitative study of plant communities
- Grazing management systems for sheep handling
- Quality and nutritional value of pasture plants in animal nutrition
- Pasture and Range Management Plan Evaluation of byproducts
- Economic and social problems pastures, rangeland economy


14.Deserts and desertification
- Evaluation, monitoring, management and control of the desert
- Desertification and desertification, erosion, wind and tiny pollens
- The importance of wilderness areas, wilderness areas covered by the reform and revival
- Application of new technologies in the study of desertification
- Desertification and Sustainable Development
- Wilderness areas and combat desertification soil salinization of lands


15.Passive defense in the agricultural and environmental
- Passive defense role in sustainable development
- Future use of new methods to deal with emerging threats.
- The role of passive defense in the countrys food security.
- The role of passive defense in deliberately changing climate and its effects on the agricultural sector
- The role of passive defense in protecting the environment and natural resources and bio-security
- The role of passive defense education and culture to enable the agricultural sector.
- The use of passive defense technologies in agriculture, natural resources and environment


16.Natural disaster management and productivity of nature
- Earthquakes, landslides, floods and marine hazards
- Fire in Forests and Pastures
- Drought and Climate Change
- Thunder, lightning and finely dust
- Application of new technologies in disaster management
- Disaster management role in sustainable development
- Ecotourism and recreation management, efficiency of Nature
- Wildlife and multipurpose use


17.Energy management and sustainable development
- Renewable energy (wind, water, waves, geothermal, biomass, solar, nuclear, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, etc.)
- Nonrenewable energy (oil, gas, coal, etc.)
- Optimized power management and energy efficiency in industry
- Environment and renewable energy, clean and efficient
- Education and awareness of energy consumption and economy of energy resources
- The role of passive defense in protecting and securing energy resources and the environment
- Non-price policies, energy demand and supply management
- Modern technologies of production, transmission and distribution of energy, the need for energy security and sustainability
- Energy Systems, Methods and Emerging Trends in Sustainable Energy Management
- Methods of implementing comprehensive energy management and its role in organizations
- The role of new technologies and energy management, energy management and its role in the market
- Management solutions And optimization supply and demand of, standards and criteria of them
- Effects of climate and geographical conditions of supply and demand management
- Different methods of extraction and challenges in the development of renewable energy, clean and efficient in Iran
- Localization extraction technology of renewable energy, clean and efficient


18.Environment and sustainable development
- Environmental, social, economic and sustainable ecosystems
- Sustainability of ecosystems and ecosystem management technologies
- Preserving and restoring the natural resource base and strategies for optimal utilization of sustainable ecosystems
- Green accounting and economic valuation of ecosystems
- Healthy city of Bushehr engineering principles of climate change, bio-capability land and environmental implications
- Waste management and ecology, biodiversity and ecosystems, sustainable ecological capacity
- Agriculture Service industry and sustainable use of ecosystems and ecological agricultural systems


19.Climate Change and Sustainable Development of Agriculture
- The role of human activity on climate change, its causes and aggravating factors of climate change
- hallenges of climate change and strategies for agriculture and water resources
- Impact of climate change on agriculture and horticulture, forests, rangelands and desertification process
- Climate Change, Threat or Opportunity
- Effects of climate change on biodiversity and the environment, and the phenomenon of drought and famine
- Animal husbandry and consequences of climate change
- Impact of climate change on tourism and the spread of diseases and pests
- Sustainable agricultural development based on climate change
- Environmental regulations and climate change and energy management in accordance with climate change


20.Human environment and sustainable development
- Management, planning and environmental education
- Methods and new approaches in the field of environmental and sustainable human
- Standards, management systems, safety, health and environment
- Air pollution (water, soil, air and noise) and climate change
- Energy management, tourism, assessment and land use planning
- Economics, law, ethics and cultural environment
- Biodiversity and sustainable development, waste management and recycling
- Application of new technologies on the environment and the environment in sustainable development
- Management, design and urban planning, geographic information systems (GIS)


21.The natural environment and sustainable development
- Biodiversity, habitat conservation and protected areas
- Management and conservation of marine mammals and sea
- Geography and Planning (natural, urban, rural, tourism)
- Management for Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
- Geological, ecological and sustainable management of forest and rangeland genetic resources
- Crisis management (floods, earthquakes, forest and grassland fires, dust storms)
- Methods and new approaches in the field of environmental and sustainable natural


22.Environment, Water and Waste
- Types of water pollutants, sewage and its treatment
- Water and Wastewater Engineering
- New technologies in monitoring and removing pollutants from water
- Water and wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial purposes
- Drying of wetlands and causes drought in recent years.
- Management of surface and ground water pollution
- Environmental Effects of groundwater decline
- Quality standards and water pollution limits emissions and waste water treatment
- Management and reuse of wastewater and sewage sludge
- New methods of irrigation management and utilization of water resources to increase productivity in agriculture


23.Environment, air and sound
- Monitoring and control of emissions of stationary and mobile sources
- Presentation and review of comprehensive plans to reduce air pollution
- Identification and control of noise pollution
- Zoning of air pollution using a geographic information system (GIS)
- Identification and monitoring of air pollutants in urban and industrial
- Urban air quality standards and workplace
- Tiny pollen and its environmental impacts
- Emissions modeling, air pollution and health aspects and psychological effects of air pollution


24.Environmental Engineering and the urban environment
- Green space and urban environment
- Urban and environmental management systems, urbanization and its environmental impacts
- Environmental impacts of development projects and urban cities
- Engineering principles and control of environmental pollutants in urban
- Metropolitan environment, environmental management and sustainable development of cities
- Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Engineering in the cities
- Urban transport, environmental impacts and solutions
- Application of new technologies in monitoring and removal of environmental pollutants
- Urban Ecology, City Green and Clean Development Mechanisms
- Industrial development and strategies to mitigate them
- Effects and methods of analysis of the environmental impact of projects in cities .
- Safety, Health and the Urban Environment
- Urban design, landscape and environmental improvements
- The role of green space in urban and rural development plan
- Principles of planning, design and implementation of green space and urban landscape


25.Tourism, ecotourism and sustainable development
- Religious tourism in Iran, religious and tourism development
- Tourism and the national economy, tourism and national production
- Human Resource Management in Tourism
- Standardization of tourism services
- Tourism infrastructure and related industries
- Tourism as an industry alternative
- Banking system and tourism development
- Tourism and entrepreneurship development, tourism and investment
- New approaches in the tourism industry
- ICT in tourism
- Ecotourism and modern tourism
- Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism
- Pathology tourism management in Iran
- Evaluation of the role and contribution of the private sector in tourism
- Cultural barriers and constraints affecting the development of tourism
- Marketing management in tourism
- Tourism, safety and security, tourism and the environment
- Management brand (brand) in tourist destinations
- Tourism, urban, rural, tribal and climate models
- Tourism, Geography and water and wetland ecosystems
- Tourism at the coast, tourism and security
- Tourism in protected areas, national parks and forests
- Targeted strategies tourism management
- Climate change and tourism
- Religious tourism, cultural
- Tourism and Museums, geotourism, Economics and Sustainable Development
- Electronic tourism, tourism and globalization.
- Women and Tourism, Tourism and Architecture
- Tourism and local music
- Industrys role in managing growth, transport and tourism
- Education and tourism tour
- Sports tourism (hiking, Shranvrdy, tourist cycling, skiing, etc.


27.New studies in the field of geography

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