Message of Chairman  


Destruction of natural environments and increasing the percent of different pollutions resulted from executing infrastructural and industrial plans especially in urban and rural areas and endangering natural and human resources are the problems which are considered in the application of sciences related to agriculture, natural resources, environment and tourism in any plan. The most important duties of the specialists in these majors are supervising on executing projects and its effects on environment. These projects care identification and controlling water, soil and weather pollution, designing urban and rural water and wastewater installations, controlling pollution resulted from solid wastes and planning and managing environmental plans. On the other hand, the necessity of achieving sustainable development is integral management in all areas related to agriculture, natural resources, environment and tourism in court in which regulations should focus on quality resulted from its use conforming the environmental conditions instead of focusing on physical quantity of using materials. Human-oriented urban management should put the requirements related to proper environment such as water, weather, visual perspective, companion with animals, plants and etc. in its correct and expertise plans and consider them and having organized councils and in fact capacity of people, it is hoped that these issues are transferred to important issue of public and finally these sciences and technologies made all development indices as stable. These goals are formed related to defining a strategy for sustainable living. Meanwhile, consolidating protection and development is possible such that the activities and exploitations are within the capacity of ground tolerance and development should provide enjoyable, health and rich life everywhere of the world for mankind.

Along with consolidating and operationalizing this comprehensive intension and proper using of it and also for preventing the probable problems and complication, holding  6th.International Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran plays effective role in informing, producing and exchanging knowledge and creating convergence in opinion of the key beneficiaries of sustainable development process as a valuable helping tool upon providing latest new technologies in agriculture, environment, natural resources and tourism and provide proper ground for realization of the strategic motto “Sustainable Development is a way Toward Future Development”.



Dr. Katayoun Varshosaz

Head of Congress Higher Council 

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