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First time the word "Sustainable Development" was discussed officially by global commission on environment in 1986 in the report (Our common future) and in the middle of the 1990s was formed this way that the economic growth and social development should be in a way that do not deficit the environmental capitals and the developmental needs for future generation. By now three decades of global attention to the issue of environmental and natural resources protection and about two decades on discussion about sustainable development has passed. In other words sustainable development is the management of natural resources, agriculture and environment and directing developments and administrative structure in order to efficient use in tourism, in a way that guarantees supplying the continuous human needs and satisfaction of present and future generations. This kind of sustainable development (in tourism, environment, natural resources and agricultural centers) couples the protection of earth, water and animal and plant genetic resources. It does not lead to environmental degradation, uses the proper technology, economically is dynamic and thriving and socially is accepted. In this regard, achieving sustainable development is in the agenda of all countries and all governments according to their cultural and beliefs backgrounds try to play their share in this global movement. During last recent decades, the most important achievement is paying attention that for the health of Earth we should "think globally" and "act and locally". In order to achieve sustainable development planning, the capacities and local restrictions should be considered. So a more favorable result could be achieved. The nature system is based on the balance of biogeochemical cycles and any balance disruptive factors in regions, will cause the decrease in efficiency and natural output of ecosystems. Nature and living organisms are each other's integral part and their dynamism depends on the balance between them. On-controlled and non-normative exploitation without considering the ecologic capacity of natural resources, cause changes in nature and leads to the destruction of nature. Therefore nowadays paying attention to tourism outcomes in environmental, cultural, social and economic fields are globally more increased. In this regard and considering the international aspects of sustainable development, Iran according to its special geographical situation is in the level of development that, under each condition should seriously consider the sustainable development issue. It will be achieved when we can protect the natural resources and environment with making culture and exploit them desirably. Certainly without protecting water resources, soil, jungle, grassland, aquatic and genetic resources and optimal operations from them using modern technologies, the sustainable development and certain production in environment, natural resources and agriculture cannot be achieved.

Therefore secretariat of International Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran according to the successful holding of first conference in Tabriz Islamic Art University and their widespread reflection, intends to hold an 6th nternational Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran taking advantage of past experiences, dear lecturers of prestigious universities in Iran and in the world and the scientific institutions. This conference seeks to gather the pundits, thinkers, scholars, policy makers and managers of interested and related organizations, consulting engineers, professionals and fans interested in sustainable tourism, environment, natural resources and agriculture explain its concepts and objectives. And be an appropriate opportunity for exchanging information and presenting new research findings about sustainable tourism, environment, natural resources and agriculture. The motto of this conference "Sustainable development a way toward future development" is an opportunity for the gathering of pundits, experts and thinkers in sustainable tourism, environment, natural resources and agricultural fields. Holding this conference, provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and a scientific relation with state and global universities and specialty centers about common concepts of sustainable development in tourism, environment, natural resources and agricultural sectors and other related issues with conference topics. The focus of conference is on identifying opportunities and challenges proceeding tourism, environment, natural resources and agricultural industry and an effort to provide scientific methods for more growth and development of this industry.

Accordingly the secretariat of 6th international Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran honorly invites all professionals, experts, university students, researchers and scientists at scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in various programs at this conference, and by providing their latest scientific and executive achievements prepare the opportunity to reach the above mentioned objectives.

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